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by Norm Foster                       directed by Kevin Haxell

This hilarious farce of epic proportions finds Hal and Cindy Savage a married couple and former second-rate theatre actors who cast themselves as nationally renowned self-help gurus. Their lives unravel as they get caught up in their own web of lies involving hidden infidelities, a nosy reporter, an inept maid and even more confused policeman! Can the Savages still convince the world they’re the happy married couple they pretend to be…and better yet can they convince themselves?

Fri. Dec. 1st    – 8:00pm   (after the Christmas parade)
Sat. Dec. 2nd  – 7:30pm
Sun. Dec. 3rd  – 2:00pm
Fri. Dec. 8th    – 7:30pm
Sat. Dec. 9th   – 7:30pm
Sun. Dec. 10th – 2:00pm